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My own Athenian ghost story (Part 1)

The Hotel Acropolis House has changed since I first stayed there way back in 1985. It’s in my favourite area of Athens, Plaka. I had been living on Mykonos for 18 months, but had decided to go and teach in … Continue reading

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Eid celebrations in Sahara, Glyfada, Athens

Yesterday was Eid, and Muslims everywhere were celebrating.  I was a little confused because of the moon, which was a little more than a half of its full size. I remembered people going onto their roof tops in Pakistan to … Continue reading

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Eating fish and drinking ouzo in Athens

I feel lucky to be living in Athens (Greece, not Georgia USA) and thought I’d try to explain why I love it so much. To begin with it’s lively and something is always happening, although friends say that if there … Continue reading

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Drinking in Turkey and Greece

  You might be surprised that drinking alcohol is allowed in Turkey. However, the state and religion are separate. The state is secular although the majority of Turks are Muslims. In the past you bought alcohol from special government shops … Continue reading

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Where to Eat in Greece

  There are several types of places to eat when you are in Greece. In tourist areas the menus are in a variety of languages, although you might have to query the more eccentric items on the menu. For example … Continue reading

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The 6th Technosfaira Exhibition in Piraeus, Athens

Technosfaira, founded by the artist Vasiliki Tampouri, is about to mount their sixth exhibition in Piraeus, Athens, Greece. It will be held at the Piraeus Gallery, which is a beautiful Neo-Classical building located on Filonos St., Piraeus. The exhibition will … Continue reading

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Visiting Athens, Greece? Visit the Technosfaira Exhibition in Pikili Stoa!

Technosfaira has been in existence for about two years. It was founded by Vasiliki Tampouri and is an association of Greek artists. Members include dancers, musicians, singers, jewellery makers and of course visual artists. So far Technosfaira has had five … Continue reading

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