A quick trip along the Athenian Riviera

Aghia Marina, the Athenian Riviera, Taverna Lazarou. Photo credit: Nikos Kapsalis.

Last week the heat in Athens was almost unbearable, so when I was asked where I wanted to go to eat, I immediately said “Somewhere with a breeze and trees.”

My friend knew the exact spot: Lazarou Taverna in Aghia Marina on the Athenian Riviera. I agreed with alacrity, but then realised that we never managed to find it open last year. However, there are plenty of other tavernas open, so it wouldn’t have been a problem if it was still closed. Cape Sounion is close by and the fish taverna there is always open, even in winter.

Fish taverna on the beach at Sounio. Photo credit Melissa Julian-Jones

We got to Aghia Marina and Taverna Lazarou just before sunset, with the sun turning the sea orange. The tamarisk trees growing on the beach in front of the taverna afforded us some welcome shade, and there was a slight breeze. It is just as we remember it.

View from Lazarou Taverna over the sea, Aghia Marina, Athenian Riviera. Photo credit Nikos Kapsalis.

As the sun set we got even more amazing photos of the sunset.

Sunset over the Athenian Riviera from Lazarou Taverna. Photo credit Nikos Kapsalis.

The food wasn’t as good as I remembered it, but at least we were out of the city and had excellent scenery to look at!

Sunset at Taverna Lazarou, Aghia Marina, the Athenian Riviera. Photo credit: Nikos Kapsalis.

We stayed enjoying the cool air for some time, even after it was dark – probably much to the annoyance of the waiters, as we were the only customers!

If you are in Athens and want to go to Sounio to see the amazing temple of Poseidon, I suggest you book a tour with Kostas at http://enjoygreecetours.com

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I have travelled extensively both for business (I am a teacher and teacher-trainer of English as a Foreign Language) and pleasure. I have just come back from Pakistan where I lived for 4 years. I love Greece and have lived there for more than 10 years although not all at one time.
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