Milos: a little-visited island in the Cyclades

A view from Captain Zeppo's Boutique Hotel on Milos. Photo credit Nikos Kapsalis

A view from Captain Zeppo’s Boutique Hotel on Milos. Photo credit Nikos Kapsalis

Milos is one of the Cycladic group of islands but it is not as well-known (or visited) as Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos, all of which belong to the same group of islands. This could be because of its mining and quarrying industries. However, it does have some very beautiful beaches.

The island’s claim to fame is that the statue, The Venus de Milo, was found there.  The photo is courtesy wikipedia

Venus de Milo on display at the Louvre

You can hire a car or jeep very cheaply for the day and go around the island in a couple of hours, depending on where or if you stop. We stopped in Zefiria and had lunch in ‘To Petrina’ a very good taverna. It serves excellent Greek and Mediterranean dishes and has good house wine.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so good when we were there, as it was out of season, in April. However, the hotel we stayed at was excellent, the beds were extremely comfortable and  Captain Zeppo and his wife were wonderful, going the extra mile to ensure we had a good stay. The views from the balcony were amazing and it was a perfectly peaceful holiday. A stark contrast from our lives in Athens.

View from the balcony of Captain Zeppo's Boutique Hotel. Photo credit Nikos Kapsalis.

View from the balcony of Captain Zeppo’s Boutique Hotel. Photo credit Nikos Kapsalis.

We were only there for a few days, but managed to recharge our batteries!

In the old days you had to take a ferry to Milos, but now you can fly direct from Athens. We were picked up at the airport by Captain Zeppo, and he would have driven us back to it, but we decided to take the hired jeep to the airport where we were met by the car rental person. The captain had introduced us to him, and he didn’t charge very much for the rental – only 25 Euros for a day.

Despite the weather, we had a good time, eating in one of the two tavernas that were open in Pollonia. The staff were friendly and helpful, and even stayed open for us on the evening they had planned to close early because it was Clean Monday. People traditionally fly kites on this day, but due to the weather there were none to be seen. We were grateful to them as the only other people in the taverna were members of the family. This taverna is called ‘Armira‘.

If you go to Milos in the summer, of course, it will be much busier than it was in March when we were there.  It is worth a visit, but I ‘m not sure it would be entirely suitable for a fortnight’s holiday. However, you could go to nearby islands on a ferry and take in more than Milos.

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