Ghosts in Gower and Environs, South Wales, UK,

A view looking down onto Three Cliffs Bay, the Gower Peninsula, south Wales, UK. Credit: Christine Matthews from

Do you believe in ghosts? I do as I have seen at least one, although this sighting did not happen in the Gower! However there are many reported sightings of ghosts on the Gower Peninsula, some have been haunting their particular spot for many centuries, according to legends while others have been haunting a place for much less time.

The ruined castle at Oystermouth, flying the Welsh flag. Credit:Colin Smith from

The White Lady of Oystermouth Castle has been around since mediaeval times, and has been seen and documented on several occasions. She is wearing white and turns to show the lacerations on he back, caused, no doubt by being whipped at the whipping post which can still be seen in the dungeon.

Llancaiach Fawr house and garden. Author: Ashley0690

One of the most haunted Manors is that of Llancaiach Fawr, which is not on the Gower coast, but quite near it. There are several ghosts of children said to haunt it, some of which play tricks on the guides by untying their aprons so that they fall off at embarrassing moments. Some people have been very emotional after going into the bedroom of Mattie, a former housekeeper at the manor who was said to have met a rather tragic end. She is sometimes seen wearing a white blouse in the kitchen and on these occasions, seems to be baking bread.

The ruins of Pennard castle which looks down on Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, south Wales. Credit: Eiona Roberts from Wales

Pennard Castle, which is perched above Three Cliffs Bay, is also said to be haunted and cursed. Anyone who stays the night there will become insane, after encountering the woman who committed suicide after avenging the death of her lover. The faeries cursed the castle after one of the early owners was celebrating his forthcoming marriage to the daughter of the then Prince of Wales. He had ordered everyone to attend his feast, which was disturbed when people in the castle saw lights on the beach. They rushed to the beach with drawn swords, to find that the revelers were faeries, who were furious about having their dance in the moonlight disturbed by mortals. They cursed the chief whose castle it was and a sand storm came and choked him and his followers to death. The castle was also engulfed by sand.

The old Rectory at Rhossili. Credit: colin Smith from

Rhossili Rectory at the foot of the Rhossili Downs is also haunted, it is said. This is property now owned by the National Trust and is let out to holiday-makers. A reverend and his wife reported seeing a couple dressed in Edwardian clothes after hearing them descend the stairs. Another reverend, John Ponsonby Lucas was once responsible for parishioners in both Rhossili and Llangennith, and used to travel between his parishes on his horse, across Rhossili beach. It is said that you can still see him on his spectral steed, doing just that. The beach is also believed to be haunted by Squire Mansell and his coach. He is, reportedly looking for gold that he believed was buried somewhere in the sands.,

Once the home of Dylan Thomas, the Boathouse at Laugharne, Gower Peninsula south Wales. Credit:Humphrey Bolton from

Finally (for this post at least) is the ghost, believed to be the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas’s mother Florence, which haunts the Boathouse at Laugharne. She died in 1958 but members of staff at the Boathouse have reported that lights that were definitely switched off at night were found to be on in the morning when the Boathouse is opened. They have also heard a chair scraping across the floor as if someone had got up hurriedly and moved so as not to be seen by them. Thre have also been reports of books being knocked off shelves at night and pictures being moved.

If you have had a ghostly experience, then please let me know – leave a comment!

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